Naxos Tango Festival

For the very first time, we are proud to present “Naxos Tango Festival”!! The festival aims to bring together friends of Tango from all over the world. The combination of the festival’s cultural nature and the island’s natural beauty is sure to attract people who love dancing and traveling from all corners of the globe. The goal is to make the festival an annual event! In one of Greece’s most beautiful and promising islands, we set a meeting point for lovers of tango and traveling, and we build the foundations to make the tango embrace even bigger!.

Follow Us & Dance

Follow Us & Dance


After many years of teaching, performing, and choreographing and with the drive for creation having reached its utmost, Chloe and Dionisis Theodoropoulos form their own company. 17 talented artists with distinct personalities join their forces and create a heart-filling spectacle characterized by versatility, harmony, and explosion. Their motivation: the need for connection, creation and expression. Chloe and Dionisis Theodoropoulos proudly present “TangoVoz”!

Theater Show -“HELENE”

In the heart of Naxos Tango Festival, organized by the Women’s Association of Naxos,
Chloe and Dionisis Theodoropoulos present TangoVoz and the play “Helen”.

24, 25 & 26/06 @21:00 at the Municipal Theatre of Naxos Iakovos Kambanellis , Naxos Island.

Admission: Free

A few words about the show:

Helen never went to Troy. Helen was not the cause of the slaughter. The slaughter was caused by the gods.. Zeus wanted to relieve the world from the mass of people and the goddesses seized the chance to “make things clear”. Hera wanted to take revenge from Paris because he gave the “trophy” of beauty to Aphrodite. And she constructed Helen’s idol. This followed him to Troy. This was the reason why so many heroes were killed. This was the reason why Troy was lost..

An ambitious production, with 16 artists on stage, directed/ choreographed by Chloe and Dionisis Theodoropoulos, whose script is signed by the renowned writer/journalist Takis Theodoropoulos, inspired by the renowned “Helen” of Euripides.

Starring : Chloe Theodoropoulou , Dionisis Theodoropoulos

Esmeraldi Bitro, Marina Kourti, Maria Konstantaki, Taxiarchis Vasilakos, Aggelos Kenanidis, Elpida Gallou, Arber Sulaj, Aggeliki Florou, George Linardatos, Venia Kaperoni, Apostolis Kofinas, Marianna Georgiou

Live music by : Kostas Vlachopoulos, Herman Mayr

Τhe Program

TDJ’s Cast !

Wednesday 22/06: Tdj Giannis Lado, Thessaloniki GR  

Always smiling and in good mood, with great knowledge of the dance floor, Giannis will warm us up in the opening milonga of the festival!

Thursday 23/06: Tdj Patrizia Gianni, GR

Witty and smart, powerful, and energetic, one of our favorite ladies in Tango, Patrizia or else “La Rubia” will be Djing for us on Thursday’s milonga!! Be prepared for amazing tandas and hours of dancing!

Friday 24/06: 

Tdj Battle Andrea Dedo, IT Vs Giannis Dafnis, Xanthi GR

Renowned in Italy and all over Europe, with broad marathon and festival experience, Andrea Dedo from Italy meets Giannis Dafnis from Xanthi, Greece , known for his excellent musical choices and good dance floor “management”!!

Get ready for a dynamic and promising battle between Italy and Greece and be prepared to ask for more!

Saturday 25/06: Tdj Vassili Notis, GR

One of our favorite Tdj’s,  known for his knowledge of Tango and dexterity as a Tdj and loved for his mellow personality! With vast experience in Greece, Europe and abroad and multiple invitations in the most important milongas of Turkey and Buenos Aires, Argentina, we welcome Vassili Notis on the decks of our Gala Milonga!

Sunday 26/06: Beach Milonga, Tdj George Linardatos

On the decks of our farewell beach milonga, we welcome Tdj George Linardatos! Friendly, smiling and in party mood, he promises tandas that will accompany perfectly our cocktail choices, right next the beach and the aegean sea breeze!

Teenagers Special Seminar! 24.06.2022

Let’s take together the first steps in this magical dance! Discover, how through Tango, we can get to know our body and the art of dialogue and communication! This is a special complementary offer to all teenagers.

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Warm Up

  • Warm Up Milonga
  • 22.06.2022


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  • Gala Milonga 25.06.2022

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Beach Yoga

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